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Success stories

of technology exploitation


developement and series fabrication

Optoi s.r.l

founded in 1995 as a Spin-off of the FBK, Optoi s.r.l.started it's activity by integrating phototransistors developed and produced by MTLab into optic encoders for industrial applications. The company has been steadily growing since then, and is now one of the major actors in the field of packaging and custom systems in italy. In the last years they extended their product range to MEMS transducers such as flow, gas, pressure, pH, keeping a tight bond with MTLab research and developement

Advansid s.r.l.

incorporated in 2010 as a spin-off of the FBK, Advansid s.r.l focuses on promoting on the market silicon photomultipliers developed by SRS unit and realized by MTLab.


MicroFabSolutions is an italian innovative start-up, spin-off of the MTLab, devoted to provide an expert micro-fabrication service and consultancy for research laboratories and corporates. It has full access to the lab facilities and expertise in microfabrication and related software, and is commited to both production and R&D.

Large Experiments:

A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE)

ALICE is one of the biggest  experiments worldwide to study the very first instants after the Big Bang through controlled atomic collisions: 27 km diameter, 40m below ground level, cooled to 1.9 K, the Large Hardron Collider can accelerate protons @ 7×1012 eV, and ions @ 2,76×1012 eV (99.999993% of the speed of light). MTLab has succesfully fabricated 600 silicon sensorsto be installed in the heart of the ALICE experiment. MTLab earned the Industrial Award 2006 for the ALICE experiment sensors production.

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer 02 (AMS)

In day 19 may 2011 Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-134 installed the AMS-02 on International Space Station. The experiment has been succesfully working eversince. It's heart is the silicon tracker provided by MTLab: it measures the curvature of the particles deviated by the magnet. "Tracker is the only detector able to distinguish directly among matter and antimatter by means of the charge sign determination."