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About us

MTLab belongs to the Micro Electro-Mecahnics world. MEMS fabrication has opened new fields for technological development, where the effort is focused on smart exploitation of stabilized technological capability, an approach named “More than Moore”.

MTLab work is strongly connected with the research activities carried out by the CMM Research Units, having  microtechnologies as their main focus. They are:

Silicon Radiation SensorsMEMS, BioMEMS, Adavnced Photonics & Photovoltaics

MTLab provides the entire development cycle of advanced miniaturized devices for both R&D and production,  based on more than 20 years of experience, in a 650m2 class ISO4-5,  ISO9001 certified clean room facility.

We focus our expertise on MEMS for silicon microdevices in the fields of particle detection, transduction, RF and optics.

We offer a unique policy of internship to host external personnel both for training and production: your process engineers can get direct access to our microfabrication facility and work with us.

Nationwide, the MTLab Facility is the only Public Research site, currently providing at the same Location such extensive CMOS like, MEMS and advanced Radiation Detection R&D and Manufacturing Capabilities, open to both Industrial and Institutional Partners.

Please refer to our organization chart for personnel roles in MTLab.

MTLab cooperates with Microfabsolutions to perform both production and R&D tasks, offering customers a robust partnership for their needs.